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Gotta work on my art portfolio and finish all my college apps. For freaking FIT I have a 4 part home test to do including my portfolio. I wish interior design didnt require these. ><

Applicants to the Interior Design AAS Degree program are required to complete the HOME TEST and
submit all four (4) projects as noted below together with their PORTFOLIO. When you have completed all of
these assignments, include them as the first pieces in your portfolio. Be sure to label each piece ’Home
Test’ to identify them. Do not submit the HOME TEST projects on slides.
NOTE: Failure to complete your HOME TEST will result in an ’incomplete’ grade on your portfolio evaluation,
and you may be required to return for another portfolio evaluation, so please come prepared.
Paper size for all HOME TEST projects: 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 21 x 28 centimeters, or A4 format
Do NOT mat your HOME TEST assignments.


• PROJECT 1: Personal Statement
Write a short statement in which you include your reasons for selecting FIT, your career goals and
how you feel your choice of majoring in Interior Design will help you meet these goals. Please also
include a description of what you believe the profession of Interior Design to be, and why you wish
to enter this profession.
This statement must be typed. Be sure to include your name, your FIT-issued Student ID Number
and ’Interior Design Home Test’ at the top of the page.
NOTE: This personal statement does not replace the Essay that is required as part of your application.
PROJECT 2: Room Sketch or Floor Plan
Please provide one or both of the following:
A. Room Sketch
On sketch paper, draw a freehand sketch of a room in color. Include furniture.
MEDIA: Any Color Media (examples: marker, watercolor, color pencil or pastel)
B. Floor Plan
Draft the floor plan of a large room or space (example: living room, reception room, office, etc.)
at a scale of 1/4 inch = 1 foot (metric scale = 1:50). Indicate all furniture and architectural
components (examples: doors, windows, columns, breaks in walls, etc.).
MEDIA: Ink or Pencil
PROJECT 3: Furniture Sketch
On sketch paper, draw a freehand sketch of a piece of furniture you find interesting.
MEDIA: Any Color Media (examples: marker, watercolor, color pencil or pastel)
PROJECT 4: Design a Functional Object or a Piece of Furniture
Choose one artist. Research the artist’s design style and convey that style by visualizing a
functional object(s) or piece(s) of furniture (table, lamp, sofa).
Present your own design ideas on one sheet of paper using any media or type of drawing(s)
(example: plan, elevation, perspective, etc.). Include the artist’s name and a picture of the artist’s
work on the back of the sheet.
MEDIA: Any Media (except oil paints)



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